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New Patient Confidential Health Record

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Today's Date
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Emergency Contact Full Name
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When did it begin?
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Please list ANY/ALL you are CURRENTLY taking. Please include the dosage and for what condition. Please also include the length of time you have been taking it.
ie. chicken pox, mumps, etc.
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Please provide date of last menses.
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Please list any major conditions in your family including mother (her parents), father (his parents) and siblings:
Do you drink alcohol? If so, what do you drink and how often? Please include daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Do you smoke cigarettes? If so, how many packs per day and for how many years have you been smoking? Please list any other substances you use and how much/often. Also include your method of use.
Please describe the typical meals you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks including beverages and amounts consumed.