Amalia Gardner, DAOM, L.Ac.

Amalia is a doctor of Chinese Medicine, and has studied Ashtanga yoga for over 20 years.

Between being a mother of two and running a busy clinic in Los Angeles, I have found that proper nutrition, light daily exercise (yoga, breathwork and walking), understanding my hormones, getting proper rest and doing what brings me joy and peace in my life are the key components to operating at my optimal level and feeling great. Iā€™m dedicated to serving others and educating patients on what they can do to reclaim their health and vitality.

I combine the ancient knowledge of Chinese medicine with current Functional Medicine practices to design an individual program of lifestyle, nutrition, herbal and nutraceutical medicine so that patients can truly feel their best.


Wade Thoren

Wade has been working with the body for over 2 decades. After being introduced to bodywork through his own injuries. He's worked at various facilities including Physical Therapy Specialist, Dallmeyer & Thomas Physical Therapy, and Century City Hospital. In his acupuncture practice he focuses on injury recovery and prevention developed from a deep interest working with so many people in healing environments.


Rocket Caleshu

Rocket has maintained a daily Mysore-style Ashtanga practice for ten years. He studies in Mysore under R. Sharath Jois and in Los Angeles with Noah Williams, and dedicates his teaching to his first Ashtanga teacher, Catherine Shaddix. He is grateful to continue the direct transmission of the method with joy and discipline.